This is me

I am Jeroen van der Klis, born in 1956 in Amsterdam.

I have an education as an technical engineer, (an ing. and not an ir.) that is just below university level. I never really worked in that field just did not like it and I could not vent my creativity there.

I finished my study in 1980, did all-kind of jobs till I founded BizarreDesign in 1987. I’m the sole occupant of the company, I do every thing, the business, designing, production, etc. a real one man company ๐Ÿ™‚


I started making corsets, or things that look like corsets, for my self. when I was young and beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ I was very involved in travesty and to get to present the picture I wanted, I needed to make my own clothes, and to present the clothing well you need the right body shape. A corset would help a lot for that.

I started to study how to make corsets but good technical information was hard to find (hรฉ it was pre internet time !)  ๐Ÿ™‚  so I used my education to approach it from the technical side and not the dress makes side. I developed my own corset pattern system which I still use today. I calculate on the corset pattern and use the by many hated Goniometrie from their school time to get the shape right for all possible sizes……. and it still works well !

I love creating beautiful bizarre and stunning corset outfits, love to dive in a new design problems and try to solve them but time is a big spoiler for that I always have to be careful not to get lost in that .

In 2011 I opened my new and present atelier located at Tussen de bogen 35 I love it here, it has a great atmosphere and it lets me work at all the hours I want…. that is very important for creative people like me.


Below some pictures out of my bizarre design life