How to Order

what is important here !

If you want to order a corset but you are not able to come to my atelier, you can do it by using these order sheets and/or with direct contact with me to determine what kind of corset you want to order.

fill them in as complete as possible. Take the measurements as good as possible and If you are not sure, ask me bout it !  These measurements make the corset fit well !!

don’t count on it that I remember what we talked about, this order sheet tells me what I have to make for you !!


Here are the order sheets in all possible wanted  formats :


– in jpg :




– in word :  (you are redirected to dropbox, download it and open it in word)

order 1 the order

order2 payment

order 3 measurements 1

order 4 measurement 2


– in pdf :

order 1 order   

order 2 payment   

order 3 size1   

order 4 size2 .