The Corset


A description of the Bizarre Design corsets

The corsets I make are designed to create a nice corseted waistline, with a long deep V line over the ribs, going down as far as possible and curving out fast round over the hips.

This way you can create a small waist with the least possible effort. Lacing in the waist always takes some effort and the tighter you go the more it takes, but the long deep V line from the bizarre design corsets use all the room to create that wanted small waist and that beautiful curved silhouette.

I created a new corset pattern system, building on old patterns from the past and my own ideas about how to create a small waist and a nice shape. In my patterns I try to keep the front of the corset as straight as possible and the back line in a natural curve, this means that reduction is mostly take out of the side of the body, so you receive that nice curved body shape pretty fast.

Together with the well thought through placing of the boning lines which avoid creating pressure point on the hip bone and the unique bizarre design corset bones itself, the corsets are generally found to be comfortable.

The corset bones I use in a corset are selected for the different roles they play in the construction of the corset. So are the cable boning’s all around strong enough to keep the corset up and smooth to the body but they can bend in every direction without twisting, which can create pressure points when the bones are close to regular bones. The bones along the lacing should not bend in every direction they should only follow the curve of the back and but stay straight under the forces from the lacing. The front boning’s or front busk must stay nice and straight and they must be stiff enough so that then do not collapse and bend in under the forces that are working on it during normal use.

From these rules I make the corsets in all kind of shapes, forms and materials and all though the different material need different construction methods the overall look of the corset and the effectiveness of the corsets are the same.


the standard under bust corsets

This is the most basic corset and can be used in almost every way, for daily use, for hard core training, under clothing and as a show corset over clothing. with a front busk this corset model is easy to put on and take of by yourself. It runs from just under the breast (curved or straight)  till good over the hip bone, normally just so low that it runs over the leg when you sit down. 

A corset like this is good for training because it covers all the necessary parts of the body to create that nice fluent shape while the body adapts to the corset. it is easy to use as a shaping foundation under all clothing and even worn over the clothing it can be used as an eyecatcher.

this are all made to measure corsets.  You can see the dramatic difference in body shapes and corset tightness ….. those all influence the end result of the silhouette.